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a house centipede crawling on a bathroom surface

Are Centipedes In Tulsa Dangerous?

Posted in: Residential Pest Control,

Centipedes can inspire fear in homeowners, and it’s not hard to figure out why. These creatures look like something from a horror movie, but they aren’t as scary as they seem. In today's article, learn whether or not centipedes in Tulsa are dangerous and find out if you need to take precautions to keep them out of yo...

a pharaoh ant crawling on a table

Truth About Pharaoh Ants In Tulsa 

Posted in: Ants,

No one creature can be truly singled out as chief among all pests, but these backyard insects more than live up to their name as ‘kings’ of the ant world. Pharaoh ants are a plentiful and surprisingly dangerous species of ant here in Tulsa....

termites swarming around a light at night

When Is Termite Season In Tulsa & What Does It Mean For Your Home?

Posted in: Cockroaches,Termites,

There are a variety of pests that you might encounter in your Tulsa home. From rodents like rats and mice to flying insects like flies and wasps, there are many pests that nobody wants in or around their home. While some pests are mostly just a nuisance, other pets can cause health risks or property damage. ...


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