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carpenter ant found in tulsa home

Most Common Ants in Tulsa

Posted in: Ants,

The variety of ants found throughout the world is incredible, and this diversity extends to individual locations as well, meaning the even in Tulsa you'll find quite a few different species of ants. Ants come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and most importantly they have varied effects on their surroundings. Some ants are simply a nuisance, and the sight of them is t...

empty restaurant

Why Commercial Pest Control Is A Must

Posted in: Commercial Pest Control ,

Regardless of whether you run an office, retail store, or restaurant – you need commercial pest control. Imagine for a moment some of the pest issues you may have had in your home, maybe you had a few mice or ants in the kitchen. You probably called Montgomery Exterminating and it was taken care of quickly, no big deal right? But now imagine what would happen...

gopher in tulsa

Problems Gophers Cause

Posted in: Gophers,

Waking up in the morning should be one of the best things to happen to you all day! However, waking up to a problem with the home you work so hard for likely isn’t. Most of us work every day so that we can return to a nice home afterward, then work just as hard at getting everything the way we want at home and keeping it that way. Most people take pride in ma...


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