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carpenter ant crawling on wood

Why Ant-Infested Yards Need Professional Treatment

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Oklahoma seems to be an area that experiences huge ant populations year after year. Pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants, in particular, are the most common ants that invade yards, properties, and homes in Oklahoma.

carpenter ant

How Oklahoma Residents Can Stop Carpenter Ants In Their Tracks

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All species of ants are a nuisance to have around our property, there is no doubt about that! We usually find them in our kitchen foraging for food or crawling up our arms and legs as we lay in the grass. Some ants are simply annoying and pose no risk to us whereas others can cause some serious problems for homeowners, including damage to their homes!


June 15, 2018

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carpenter ants up close

How To Prepare For Summer Ants

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It’s ant season in Oklahoma, and early prevention is key to keeping these annoying pests from ruining your food and doing damage to your Tulsa home. Since the ant population booms in the summer, homeowners need to be proactive in establishing a control and exclusion plan for ants and other summertime pests.

carpenter ant carrying beetle

Do Not Underestimate The Carpenter Ant

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Everyone knows how much damage termites cause but there is another pest that can cause damage to the structural support of your homes. Carpenter ants are destructive little pests that can do just as much damage as termites in your Tulsa, OK home! You’ll want to know how to tell the difference between a termite and carpenter ant. You’ll also want to learn how to prevent them and how to get help from Montgomery Exterminators should you suspect a carpenter ant problem.


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