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mouse in tulsa home

Problems Mice Cause In Tulsa Homes

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If you visit the pet store, you may be amused by the little white critters inside cages who run on wheels (and even spin upside down) and sleep all nestled together in a pile of white softness. Sure, mice can be fun inside a cage, in a well-lit environment but, when wild mice are running loose inside the dark spaces of your wall voids and attic, they are not fun at all. In fact, they are downright destructive.


November 26, 2017

mouse next to holiday decoration

Pests To Watch Out For While Unpacking Holiday Decorations

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This is a magical time of year. Isn't it? There is nothing quite like a home trimmed with twinkling lights and a yard filled with reindeer and glowing snowmen. We love the gifts wrapped in bold red and green, with ribbons of gold. We love the mistletoe hanging from the door frame. We love the evergreen adorned with colorful bulbs and dancing lights. But, before all of these festive decorations appear in our yards, on our homes, and inside our living rooms, they're usually in storage. And storage spaces can be a playground for pests. Here are some of the pests you may run into.


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