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Are Black Widow Spiders Dangerous?

April 6, 2018

black widow spider in web

We have all heard stories of how black widow spiders are very dangerous, even the ‘widow’ piece of their name implies some sort of death. They come with quite the legend behind them, but, are black widow spiders really that dangerous?  Yes and no. Overall, you most likely don’t want to encounter one or get bitten, so there are steps you can take to prevent them taking up residence in your Tulsa, OK home. You can also enlist the help of pest control professionals like those at Montgomery Exterminating to help rid your home of these legendary creatures. 

If left alone, black widow spiders are relatively harmless. Just like other spiders, they spin their webs and trap other pests for food. They do us some good by getting rid of flies, ants, and other bugs and don’t usually attack or bite unless they feel threatened. The problem is they like to hide in small dark spaces such as inside shoes, wood piles, and storage boxes which means we often encounter and frighten them without meaning to. 

While their bite can be painful, most often it just causes a fever and leaves a lesion that can take a while to heal. This can be dangerous because unhealed wounds can become infected. In rare cases, such as with the elderly or small children, or in someone whose immune system is compromised, symptoms can include nausea, rash, and stomach pain that can cause health complications. So overall, while the black widow spider may not live up to its legend, it’s still not a pest you want to encounter. 

You can take some steps to reduce the chance that black widow spiders will make your home, theirs. Clear any spider webs and egg sacks as soon as you see them. Rid your storage areas of clutter. Get rid of yard debris and tempting hiding spots. Seal up any cracks and holes in your house and garage that would make it easy for these pests to get inside. Remove any food sources. 

If you are still finding yourself with a problem, or just want to prevent it in the first place, consider year-round pest control services from Montgomery Exterminating. They will come out and evaluate your home and work with you to eliminate favorable spider conditions, and then implement a pest control plan that will help keep your Tulsa, OK home black widow spider-free.

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