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Are Brown Recluse Spiders A Problem In Tulsa?

August 31, 2018

brown recluse

There are two prominent kinds of venomous spiders that reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the brown recluse spider is one of them! Brown recluse spiders are one of the most dangerous spiders found in our area, so we urge homeowners in Tulsa to take precautions against these spiders!

The brown recluse spiders are easily identifiable by the dark-colored, violin-shaped marking where their head and thorax meet. If you look closely enough, you will find they have six eyes instead of eight that are arranged in a semicircle around their head. These spiders range in color from light to dark brown; their abdomens are covered in fine hairs and their legs and bodies are spineless.

Most of the time brown recluse spiders tend to stay hidden away and are not aggressive towards people, hence the name “recluse”. They prefer to live in dark places that provide them with a quiet and secluded area to build their nests. When these spiders invade homes, they can typically be found hiding under furniture, behind appliances, in the back of closets, and other dark, secluded areas. However, if approached or threatened, they may lash out and bite in fear, though they would prefer to run away.

These spiders are nocturnal and will usually only travel from place to place on boxes or in bags. They are a very durable pest and can go on for months without food or water. They can also survive in extreme heat as well.

A brown recluse spider bite can range from mild to severe. The main factor that makes these spiders so dangerous is that their venom is hemotoxic and can damage tissue and blood cells. In addition, these bites may be painless on injection but more serious symptoms may occur later on including necrosis which causes dead tissues and cells. These bites may also cause nausea, fever, itching, muscle pain, and an open wound that won’t heal that may even turn black and cause decomposition.

Now that you know how dangerous these spiders really are, it all the more important to get rid of them or keep them from invading your home. However, the fact that they are so secluded and only hunt for prey at night makes them extremely difficult to get rid of, not to mention that it can be extremely dangerous to eliminate these spiders without professional help!

Though eliminating hiding spots, sealing off entry points, clearing out piles of debris, and getting rid of any other pests that they may be feeding on can help deter these spiders from invading, these methods will not solve your spider problems. For the most effective spider control methods, contact a professional pest control company like Montgomery Exterminating in Tulsa, Oklahoma! We can help rid your property and your home of spiders and the other pests that attract them!

For more information about brown recluse spiders or our residential pest control options, give us a call at Montgomery Exterminating!

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