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Are Clover Mites Dangerous To Tulsa Residents?

August 30, 2019

a clover mite crawling along a brown dead leaf in a tulsa oklahoma garden

Clover mites are often described as “tiny red bugs” and are only about the size of a pinhead. These "bugs" are actually a type of arachnid and have a stronger resemblance to spiders than to insects. Clover mites are oval-shaped and have eight legs; however, it can be easy to mistake their long front pair of legs for antennae. The most notable thing about their appearance is their bright red color.


Do Clover Mites Cause Problems?

Clover mites do not feed on blood as many other species of mites do and are not a danger to you or your family. Instead, they are considered nuisance pests. These tiny red invaders are only a problem for Tulsa homeowners during the time they are most active—between spring and early fall. Clover mites typically invade in large numbers and may become a major nuisance once they’ve found a way into your Tulsa home. While they can’t damage your property or spread diseases, they can leave stains on furniture if crushed. These stains are often unsightly and difficult to remove from fabric.


Clover Mite Prevention Tips

Handling a clover mite infestation without the help of a trained pest professional may result in frustration, stress, and several red stains on your furniture. However, the first step to effective pest control is preventing pests from invading your Tulsa property. Try implementing a few of these preventative measures around your home to help defend your property against clover mites before they have a chance to invade. 

  • Ensure your window and door screens fit properly and are free of holes.

  • Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn, as lawns with more fertilizer tend to attract more clover mites.

  • Don't try to grab or squish clover mites you see in your home. Instead, avoid crushing them by using a vacuum. Make sure you throw the vacuum bag away, so they don't merely crawl out again. 

  • Check your foundations and exterior walls for gaps or cracks. Seal these areas with a caulking gun.

  • Remove weeds, grass, shrubs, and other thick foliage away from your foundation. Clover mites feed on plants and are more attracted to homes with denser vegetation.

The most effective defense against clover mites is a home pest control plan from Montgomery Exterminating. All of our residential pest services cover 20+ pests and include monthly service visits. No matter what pest is causing problems in your Tulsa home, the pest technicians here at Montgomery Exterminating have what it takes to eliminate them. For more information about how we treat clover mite infestations, or to talk to a licensed pest specialist about your specific pest control needs, reach out to us today.

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