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Are Silverfish Part Of A Larger Problem?

March 8, 2018

silverfish crawling on book

If you are seeing silverfish in the damp areas of your home, you probably have questions. What are they? What problems are they going to cause? And, more importantly, are they a warning sign of a larger problem? Let's take a look.

Silverfish Identification

Silverfish, also called fish moths, urban silverfish or carpet sharks, are tiny insects with slender, flattened bodies which measure around 1/2 to 1 inch long. They are light grey and blue but often look silvery. This silver coloring and the fact that they often move in a fish-like movement are likely where these insects got their name.

What problems do silverfish cause?

  • Photo damage: Silverfish are known to nibble on and deface old photographs, since they enjoy eating the starchy paper photos are made from.

  • Wallpaper damage: Silverfish love eating the paste on the back of wallpaper. This can end up in costly (and timely) repairs if you need to re-wallpaper or paint several rooms.

  • Book damage: Silverfish also love a good book. No, they don't read it; they eat it. More specifically, they eat the glue that holds books together. This can be quite distressing if you have important books in your home.

  • Fabric damage: Silverfish will chew on several kinds of fabrics including wool, cotton, silk and even rayon. They are especially interested in fabrics that have food spills on them.

Are These Insects Indicative Of Bigger Problems?

Silverfish are moisture pests. This means they are drawn to moisture because they cannot survive when conditions get too dry. If you are starting to see silverfish appearing in your home, there is a good chance that you have moisture damage somewhere around your perimeter. If the wood of your home is damp and rotting, it will be an attractant to silverfish and other moisture-loving pests. And if tiny creatures are getting in through soft spots, it is likely that those holes will be made wider by other larger pests, until even mice and rats can squeeze through, if repairs are not made.

How Montgomery Can Help

While there are steps you can take to keep future silverfish and other pests from invading your home, getting rid of these creatures is another story. Before you go another day wondering how they got in, have them removed once and for all. The pest professionals here at Montgomery Exterminating can do the work for you to have a silverfish-free, and a pest-free home. Call us today for prompt, professional assistance.

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