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Everything You Didn’t Know About Termites in Tulsa

December 12, 2019

a large colony of swarming termites on a tulsa oklahoma wooden structure

Homeowners and business owners in Oklahoma all have to worry about the damage that termites can cause. These insects can chew through scaffolding, foundations, walls, and furniture, and their complex society can make them extremely difficult to eradicate completely.

The Termite Caste System

The reason termites can be so hard to kill is because the most common ones you’ll encounter aren’t actually the most important. If you happen to see termites when you tear out a wall or move a wooden object in your yard, you can kill thousands of these bugs underfoot or with expensive chemicals, but if the reproductive members are left alive, the colony will simply come back in force.
Termites, like ants or bees, have a sophisticated caste system that tackles the tasks of survival in groups.

  • Worker Termites: These ant-like insects are the tunnelers and food gatherers. They are the most abundant in the caste system.
  • Soldier Termites: While they look similar to the workers, soldiers have a different responsibility. They use large jaws and pincers to fight off other insects that might invade the colony or foraging territory.
  • Alates (or Reproductive Termites): Also called, “swarmers,” these are the only termites that can fly or make offspring. As such, they’re rarely found wandering around unless they’re looking for a new place to start a colony. When they do, they shed their wings and spend the rest of their lives pumping out baby termites to feed the colony.

Other Interesting Facts About Termites

They’re nature’s irrigators: While termites can destroy crops, they can also help them thrive by enriching the soil and creating course ways below ground that help water to seep into plant roots.
They’re nature’s architects: Termite mounds use a “passive cooling system” whereby air flows over a single opening at the top, which forces cool air down throughout the termite structure. This is a tactic that’s been adopted by human engineers for centuries. 
Termites are Food: In places with severe drought or low access to other protein, termites are a rich source of nutrients in the diet. They are described as having a nutty taste.

Why Termites Are Pests

As we touched on above, termites can do serious damage. They burrow underground or nest inside of wooden areas and then spread out relentlessly, chewing through anything they can to form new tunnels and foraging areas. Termites like damp, dark places, too, so it’s important to quickly take care of leaking pipes or sodden wood in the home.
Thanks to a warm climate in Oklahoma, termites can survive year-round. When the chill of winter sets in, they simply burrow further underground where they can retain more heat. Termites work quickly and often undetected to the naked eye, so spotting the signs of an infestation can often mean the problem is too far along to try at-home methods of removal.

What Are The Signs of Termites in The Home?

You may notice bite marks on wooden flooring or wall segments, or you may notice little tunnel-like patterns emerging on or around wooden furniture. 

Termites also create a moldy, musty odor, since their droppings and abandoned eggs can rot. You may also hear faint clicking sounds coming from the walls: a sure sign that thousands of the critters are toiling away out of sight.

Turn to the Experts

Because of termites’ unique portfolios as survivors, it’s important to rely on the experts who have studied the creatures to take care of the problem fully. If you notice the signs of a termite infestation, or even if you just want the peace of mind to know that proven prevention measures are in place in your Tulsa home, turn to the professionals. Call the experts at Montgomery Exterminating today

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