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How Are Odorous House Ants Getting Inside?

September 28, 2018

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Have you been noticing a foul odor emanating throughout your house? Did you know that this foul smell could be coming from ants that have invaded your home? That’s right. Ants could be stinking up your house! Many descriptions have been assigned to this smell to try to identify it and the most common one people agree on is rotting coconuts. You may have your own description of the smell.
Odorous house ants are likely to enter your home in the fall, or when conditions outside give them a reason to seek better shelter, such as during heavy rainfall. Hunting for food may be another reason these pests enter your home. And these ants are very good at finding ways indoors! It doesn't take much of a hole for these tiny creatures to fit through. One or two ants may come scout out your home to determine whether it will be a good place to make their nests. Once the colony has entered your home, you may notice these small ants—about an eighth of an inch long—walking in a single-file line or gathered around a food source they’ve discovered. If one of these ants gets crushed, it won’t take long for you to experience their foul odor! If they’re frightened, they will run erratically and produce the foul odor as well.
An odorous ant colony can have hundreds or thousands of ants, and numerous queens, based on the size of the colony. These ants can live just about anywhere and are found throughout the United States. Once they’re inside your home, you’re likely to find them around hot water pipes or heaters, and under sinks, but they can also be found in window frames, insulation, cabinets and other areas inside the structure of your home. Their food preference is sweets, but they will quickly find and feed on just about anything that's around. Because they enjoy feeding on people food, they can contaminate countertops and the food stored in your cupboards.
To keep these ants out of your home, there are a few tips you can apply on your own. Odorous house ants are great at finding their way into your home. Search for and seal off any cracks or holes you can find around your foundation. Ants might use tree branches and other means as a way to reach their entry point, so trimming back any shrubs or trees close to your home may prevent this from happening. Because these ants will feed on a variety of human foods, it’s important to frequently take your trash out and make sure all food is stored in tightly covered containers or in the fridge. Clean up any crumbs or grease left over from cooking.
Eliminating odorous house ants from your house requires lots of patience and many failed attempts. Because they’re so numerous and persistent, it can be a never-ending battle. Ant control professionals at Montgomery Exterminating can help eliminate these pests from your home and keep them out, saving you the headache. Our home pest control program can protect your house from ants and any other pests that have entered. Contact us today to learn more about our services and which solution is best for you.

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