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How Oklahoma Residents Can Stop Carpenter Ants In Their Tracks

July 11, 2018

carpenter ant

All species of ants are a nuisance to have around our property, there is no doubt about that! We usually find them in our kitchen foraging for food or crawling up our arms and legs as we lay in the grass. Some ants are simply annoying and pose no risk to us whereas others can cause some serious problems for homeowners, including damage to their homes! Carpenter ants are a species of destructive ants that Oklahoma residents really need keep an eye out for to prevent them from invading and causing expensive damages this summer.

Carpenter ants are typically all black, but can sometimes be different shades of red or yellow as well. They are usually easily distinguishable from other types of ants because they are much larger in size. These ants have powerful mandibles that enable them to chew ferociously – this makes them a threatening hazard for homeowners!

Carpenter ants establish their nests inside wooden structures and will chew through the wood to do so, unfortunately, this includes the wood found in our homes. Their wood of choice is damp softwood but they will move into any wood that is nearby. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t feed on wood; however, the number of tunnels these ants create can often become so extensive, it actually weakens the integrity of the wood, which is similar to the damage caused by termites. Not only is carpenter ant damage difficult to repair, it is extremely costly for Oklahoma homeowners and to make things worse, the weakened structure caused by their tunneling becomes a safety hazard for anyone living inside the home.

If you’re worried that you have a carpenter ant problem in your home, be on the lookout for these warning signs: small entry holes on the exterior of wooden structures, wood shavings around those holes, and winged ants flying nearby frequently. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s especially important to take measures to keep these ants from taking over your home. Here are some prevention strategies that you implement on your own: limit the amount of moisture on your property by maintaining gutters, keep other pests away to eliminate a food source, seal any small cracks or holes around the exterior of your home and fill any gaps around A/C units or other openings that lead into your home. Unfortunately, as it’s the peak of ant season, these tips may not be enough to keep these wood-destroying pests from destroying your home, but don’t worry; we can help! The local pest control professionals at Montgomery Exterminating will focus on eliminating your current ant problem as well as using techniques to prevent carpenter ants from returning in the future. Our professionals have the training, equipment, and experience to quickly and efficiently eliminate the issue. Don't be like other Tulsa homeowners that underestimate carpenter ants. To learn more about our residential pest control programs, give us a call today!

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