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How To Avoid Yellow Jacket Stings Around Tulsa

June 28, 2019

a yellow jacke with its antennas down to sense out the tulsa property as it finds a nest to reproduce and invade
Imagine your ideal summer afternoon. Maybe it’s a backyard concert with cold soda and snacks. It could be a barbecue with burgers on the grill or a delicate tea party on the lawn. Maybe your ideal summer day is just playing outside, throwing frisbees or playing with your dog. Whatever your favorite outdoor summer activity is, there’s one thing that can ruin it. Yellow jackets.
Unfortunately, yellow jackets are common in Tulsa during the summer and fall months. Like many other insects, the warm weather makes them active. During the summer yellow jackets are in search of food. They often make an appearance at large gatherings and events where there’s food, especially sweets and protein. Yellow jackets also look for new nesting places during the summer and fall, which means that now is the time to take precautions to keep them from making their home in your yard.

Things to know about yellow jackets

Yellow jackets are extremely dangerous and can be aggressive toward humans and animals. For most people, a yellow jacket sting is a painful red welt. For some people, though, the venom of a yellow jacket sting can cause an allergic reaction which requires immediate medical attention. Yellow jackets can and will sting multiple times.
This is why you should never try to remove a yellow jacket nest from your property. Yellow jacket colonies sometimes have thousands of members, and if they feel under attack they will fight back, stinging you repeatedly. Nests are often built on the ground, but can also be found in attics, chimneys, or the eaves of a home.

Preventing Yellow Jacket Infestations

If you already have a yellow jacket nest somewhere near your house, you should call a professional service like Montgomery Exterminating. We have experiencing safely removing the yellow jackets. Don’t try to remove a yellow jacket nest on your own.


However, if you don’t have yellow jackets yet, there are some steps you can take to make sure they don’t become a problem in your home or on your property:

  • Plant your garden far from your house and away from areas where your children play and where you relax outside.

  • Yellow jackets will likely spend time near plants and flowers, so keep them away from your house.

  • To keep yellow jackets out of your house you need to search for any points of entry, such as holes or cracks, and seal them to block access.

  • Yellow jackets travel in search of food, so make sure they don’t find any in your yard.

  • Trash cans should always be closed with tightly fitting lids.

  • If you’re hosting an event or eating outside, keep all foods and drinks covered as much as possible.

  • Avoid wearing any strongly scented perfume or lotion when you're spending time outdoors, as this may attract yellow jackets.

  • When outside, keep an eye out for nests in the ground or around your house. Be especially watchful when mowing your lawn, as you don’t want to disrupt a yellow jacket nest.


Treating a Yellow Jacket Infestation

Once yellow jackets have moved onto your property, it’s time to get help. It’s always safer to call a professional instead of attempting to remove the nest yourself. Montgomery Exterminating will inspect your property and evaluate the situation to determine the best treatment plan. A professional pest control technician will have the proper equipment and material to deal with yellow jackets. You can rest easy and finish that ideal summer day without the pain and worry of a yellow jacket sting.

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