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How To Prepare For Summer Ants

June 15, 2018

carpenter ants up close

It’s ant season in Oklahoma, and early prevention is key to keeping these annoying pests from ruining your food and doing damage to your Tulsa home. Since the ant population booms in the summer, homeowners need to be proactive in establishing a control and exclusion plan for ants and other summertime pests.

Why An Increase Of Ants In Summer?

Ant populations can grow exponentially in spring and summer. Since ants are cold-blooded, they decrease their activity in cooler months, some enter partial hibernation and some die off. In the warmer months, when their body temperature increases, ants become more active, mate, and produce offspring. It’s just part of the natural life cycle of the ant. Ants are also driven indoors in the summer in search of moisture and food. You may notice more of them inside your home on the hotter, drier days of summer.

What’s The Big Deal, They’re Just Ants?

You might be thinking that ants are harmless, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many harmful ants in the Tulsa area. Odorous house ants, for example, leave a trail of stinky, rotten coconut-like smell that tells their colony where to go. This trail may lead other ants right into your pantry to invade all your food and cost you a lot of money in food waste. Carpenter ants will look for moist, water-damaged wood to build their colony in, leaving your home in disrepair if they decide to invade. Pharaoh ants can carry diseases like salmonella and strep, and can pass those diseases onto your family by crawling across tables, counters, and other surfaces and contaminating them.

How Can You Rid Your Home Of Ants?

There are a few precautionary measures you can take to help you avoid an ant invasion as ant season in Oklahoma gets underway. Perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home and seal up any cracks and crevices, remove decaying and wet yard debris, and close outdoor trash bins. Inside your home, keep all food, including pet foods, in airtight containers. Wipe up food crumbs and sticky spills immediately. Get trash cans with lids and take out household trash on a regular basis.  

Even after implementing those preventative measures, ant infestations during the summer are still likely. The guaranteed way to ensure that you will not have ants invading your home is through a year-round pest protection service from Montgomery Exterminating. Our expert technicians will inspect your home, share exclusion tips, and treat for the pests plaguing you. Then, through our monthly visits, we will use our three-zone approach to treat the exterior of your home and property to keep ants away. If you discover an ant problem inside, we’d be happy to do an interior service call when it is most convenient for you. Contact Montgomery Exterminating to ensure

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