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How To Spider-Proof Your Home For The Spring

April 15, 2019

a fully grown long legged brown recluse spider crawling along the stone wall of a tulsa oklahoma home

Spiders are a constant problem here in the Tulsa area. They can be found in homes year-round. Unfortunately, as the temperatures rise, their activity will increase. This means they are a big nuisance in the summer. Many spiders find themselves inside homes by following food sources. If insects like flies enter your home, this means there’s a chance for spiders to come in as well. Once they do, they’re likely to lay eggs. Then you’ll have the potential for an overwhelming number of spiders inside your house.

There are several reasons we want spiders out of our homes. Not only is their presence frightening to many people, but their webs can be a nuisance too. Some spiders also bite when threatened, leaving painful wounds that may need medical attention, like a bite from a brown recluse spider. To help you maintain a spider-proof home this summer, we’ve put together the following tips:

  • Regular Cleaning

Spiders love undisturbed locations. They’ll hide under furniture, in closet corners, in cracks along window frames, and in other rarely touched locations. To keep them from getting too comfortable, try cleaning these areas frequently. Spiders sometimes rebuild webs in the same location if destroyed once, but if their home is wiped out several times, they’ll relocate.

  • Prevent insects

If you can keep insects out, spiders are less likely to come inside. You can do this by keeping food covered and taking the trash out frequently. Even small spills and crumbs can attract flies and should be cleaned up right away.

  • Seal cracks

If insects are entering the home, so can spiders. Seal all cracks around the exterior of your home. Install screens and make sure to keep the door closed when not being used. Spiders can sneak under siding and through small cracks under doors.

Professional Pest Control

To ensure that all pests are out of your home, the best way is to contact a professional service. Pest control professionals can figure out how pests are getting in, what pests you’re dealing with, and then eliminate them.

At Montgomery Exterminating, we strive to protect your home against spiders and other pests. Not only will we remove current infestations, but we’ll also protect your home against future invasions. You can trust us to take the worry of pests off your hands. Learn more about our services and schedule your free estimate today!

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