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How To Stop Wildlife Pests From Destroying Your Lawn This Fall

October 17, 2018

mole on a tulsa, ok lawn

Why is it that wildlife creatures and other pests seem so intent on destroying the things we love? It’s like every time we turn around, a new pest is causing a new problem. Hornets in our sheds, spiders in our homes, squirrels on our bird feeders, they’re everywhere. Even under the ground. That’s right, under the ground resides two of the most destructive lawn pests, especially as the weather gets colder—moles and gophers. Let’s take a look at some common signs to check for to find out if you have these tunnel digging invaders in your yard.

They Live Below

Moles and gophers prefer to seclude themselves underground in the safety of the tunnels they create. Mole tunnels are often visible from the surface in the form of raised mounds resembling veins or lightning bolts crawling across lawns. Moles dig closer to the surface because of their diet, which consists of grubs and earthworms, but both of these creatures live in the top layers of soil. Gopher tunnels, however, are a bit further below the surface and can be located by their entry points that resemble horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt. Where moles feast on what lives in your yard, gophers look for what grows above in the form of plants.

Threats They Pose

Moles and gophers do not pose a direct threat to our health, however, they do bring threats closer to our homes on their backs in the form of fleas, ticks, and other pests. Once in our yards, these tiny pests can transfer off the backs of wildlife and into the fur of our beloved pets, which then bring them right into our homes. Along with this, these tunnelers are known for their ability to destroy properties, devaluing lawns faster than a bad lawnmower. Along with destroying our lawns, these pests have been known to chew through underground wiring, pipes, and cables. While moles are more destructive to lawns, gophers are far more destructive to gardens and decorative plant life. It is not uncommon for a homeowner with a gopher problem to find plants torn up, gone, or eaten.

Prevention Tips

If you have tunnelers wreaking havoc to your lawn and/or to your plants, there are some preemptive measures you can take.

  • Fill in any holes found around your yard.
  • Install in-ground barriers around gardens to keep out gophers
  • Remove dandelions and other weeds from your yard regularly, as these are common gopher attractants.
  • Keep plants in gardens to a minimum
  • Call A Professional

When it comes to mole and gopher prevention, DIY tips only go so far. This is why it is so important to contact a professional. Here at Montgomery Exterminators, we are just that, professional. Highly trained and equipped for what we do, the pest control experts here at Montgomery are ready and waiting to help you with even your most invasive of pest problems. Getting rid of destructive pests is what we do. To schedule your free inspection, or to find out how we will come alongside you to keep your yard gopher and mole free, contact us today!

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