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How Tulsa Homeowners Can Prevent Black Widow Spiders

August 7, 2019

a black widow spider sprawled our on a web along a tulsa oklahoma home


No one likes finding spiders in their house. They leave webs all over the place, and if you’re afraid of them, they can cause some distress. Having poisonous spiders invade your home is even worse. Here’s how Tulsa homeowners can prevent black widow spiders from coming in.


What Brings Black Widow Spiders Into Tulsa Homes

Spiders typically enter homes for one of three reasons—food, water or shelter. In August, any one of those reasons can apply, especially as we get later into the summer season. As summer gives way to fall, food sources will dwindle, and the weather begins to change. Spiders often go indoors to get relief from extreme heat, but they'll do the same when it starts to get colder.


How Tulsa Homeowners Can Prevent Black Widow Spiders

The best way to prevent black widows from getting into your home is to block off all entry points. Check around your foundation for cracks and crevices in the walls and fill any you find. Check your siding for holes and fix them. Look for gaps around your windows or doors and seal them. If you’re leaving windows and doors open at all, make sure that your screens are free of rips.


Making the area immediately around your home unattractive to black widows can prevent them from getting close enough to your house to find their way inside. Black widow spiders prefer seclusion and spend most of their time hidden away. By clearing any debris around your foundation and cutting back foliage, you'll reduce the areas where they can hide.


Inside, it’s important that you’re not providing a food source for spiders. Black widows eat insects, so a spider infestation can sometimes indicate that you have another pest problem as well.


Getting rid of clutter inside your house, especially in quiet, dark rooms like the basement or storage closets is another good way to prevent black widows from taking up residence. If they can’t find a suitable place to live in your house, they’ll be unlikely to stay.


What to Do if You Find Black Widow Spiders in Your Tulsa Home

If you find black widows in or around your Tulsa home, it’s best to leave them to the professionals at Montgomery Exterminating. Black widow spiders have venomous bites, and although they are not as deadly as legend would have you believe, they can cause serious medical problems, some of which do result in death.


Montgomery Exterminating can take care of your black widow or any other spider problem you have efficiently and safely. Leave the spiders to us! Contact us today.

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