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How You Can Prevent Anthills In Your Tulsa Yard This Summer

February 28, 2019

anthill up close in tulsa yard

How You Can Prevent Anthills in Your Tulsa Yard This Summer

Summer is still a ways off, so you may think it’s too early to worry about ant hills in your Tulsa yard. Anthills are just things you can stomp on and be rid of, right? Well, not quite. Although there are still a few months until summer arrives, by taking some preventative measures now, you can prevent ant hills in your Tulsa yard this summer.

Why You Don’t Want Ants in Your Tulsa Yard

Most people tend to think of ants as no big deal. They can be a nuisance at a picnic, but they’re really nothing to worry about. However, if you’ve ever had sugar ants get into your house, you know that the nuisance level can be kicked up several notches when tiny ants are running all over your kitchen counters. Anyone who has experience with carpenter ants knows that they’re not simply annoying; they are destructive and can cause extensive damage to your home. Other ants, such as pharaoh ants, can carry and spread diseases like salmonella. So whether they are nuisances or something more, ants are not a pest you want on your property.

How You Can Prevent Ants From Making Your Tulsa Yard and House Their Home

This time of year is a slow time of year for ants. Some have died off and others have slowed way down, staying deep below ground until the weather is warm again. That makes it the perfect time of year to take some preventative measures against ants. You can do this by getting both your yard and your home ready with the following steps:

  • Remove outdoor food sources. Open garbage containers and an abundance of flowering plants will both attract ants.

  • Clean up your yard. Remove wet or rotting debris. Clean up fallen branches and leaves. Reduce the moisture in particularly wet areas. Consider using an alternative to mulch near the perimeter of your house.

  • Seal up all cracks, crevices, and holes around your foundation that could act as entry points for ants. Check around your windows and doors too.

  • Keep food in your house in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.

  • Sweep up crumbs and keep your counters clean.

  • Get professional ant control. For a long-term solution to the problem of ants, consider Montgomery Exterminating for your ant control needs. We offer year-round pest protection services that will help you exclude ants and other pests from your home and keep them away. Our three-zone approach treats the outside of your home, keeping ants off your property and out of your house. To learn more about these services, give us a call.

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