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Is That Odor Around My Tulsa Home Really Caused By Ants?

July 8, 2019

a small blach ordorouse ant crawling along a wet kitchen floor in a tulsa home


It’s hard to imagine that ants could be making your Tulsa-area home smell. Who knew they had a scent, right?  While most ants don’t cause a stink in your house, there is one ant that is the exception. Odorous house ants, as their name suggests, give off a pungent odor. During the summer Tulsa residents may be experiencing the terrible odor of odorous house ants.

These ants can get inside in a variety of ways and there may be warning signs that you have an infestation. They can be both a nuisance and a contamination risk. You should contact Montgomery Exterminating to rid your home of these pests.



Why Tulsa Residents Are Experiencing Odorous House Ants

Like many pests, ants, including odorous house ants, are most active in the summer months. They are busy breeding, building their nests, and foraging for food. Odorous house ants are found in all areas of the country but can be particularly troublesome in Oklahoma with our cool winters and hot summers. While they are most active in summer, that doesn’t mean they die off and disappear during the winter. These pests are becoming a year-round problem.


How Odorous House Ants Get Inside

Odorous house ants can get into your Tulsa home in a variety of ways. They may climb branches and work their way across shrubs and leaves. They can fit through small cracks in your foundation or siding. They may enter around windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly. odorous house ants may even get inside in firewood, plants, or flower cuttings that you carry into your home yourself. 


Warning Signs You have an Odorous House Ant Infestation

Odorous house ants may scream out their presence by marching through your kitchen. However, if you don’t see them, you may smell them. They leave their scent trail to tell other ants where a good food source is. What their scent smells like is subjective, but many people describe it as a rotting coconut smell. 


Odorous House Ants are a Nuisance and Contamination Risk

No one wants pests in their house. Odorous house ants are no exception. Even if they are primarily a nuisance, ants belong outdoors, not running around atop your kitchen counters. If ants can get in, that’s a sign that other pests can get in and you likely have a larger problem on your hands. Additionally, odorous house ants like human food, particularly sticky and sweet things. They can get into your cabinets and pantry and contaminate your food.


Professional Pest Control for Odorous House Ants  

You can stop and swat, spray, and put out traps, but you will have a difficult time removing odorous house ants and their smell from your home with these DIY methods. At Montgomery Exterminating, our trained pest control technicians will examine your home to identify where the ants are getting in. We can then help you to select the best pest control plan - our silver, gold, or bronze, to get rid of odorous house ants from your Tulsa-area home and keep your home pest free. 

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