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Key To Hindering Termite Activity In Your Tulsa Home

November 27, 2019

a large colony of swarming termites infesting a tulsa oklahoma home this fall


Termites can quickly compromise the integrity of your Tulsa home. It’s vital to know how to identify a termite infestation and to recognize what a termite looks like. But it’s even more important to take steps to hinder termite activity in your home before it starts. Prevention can save you thousands of dollars in damage and eliminate a whole lot of stress. Learn how to keep your house termite-free with the help of Montgomery Exterminating.


What Do Termites Look Like?  

Like most creatures, termites have many stages of life, from egg to larvae to nymph to adult. They look different at each stage. The eggs are so small they are seldom spotted by people on the look-out. You may, however, spot larvae or nymphs emerging around a leaf pile or rotted stump in your yard. These clear to whitish-yellow termite babies are small and wingless and might be mistaken for maggots.

The young adult stage is when termites develop according to their caste system. Some become workers, some soldiers, and others the reproductive alates. Only a few of the reproductives will go on to become kings and queens. The alates are known as swarmers and are winged. They leave the nest, mate, and form new colonies. It is at this time you will most likely see them, as they swarm around basement windows or your foundation in search of a new home. They are often mistaken for flying ants.


What Are Signs Of A Termite Infestation?  

As the reproductive alates mate and settle into a new home, they discard their wings. The first sign that you have termites may be finding the wings. The adult termites get busy forming a colony in damp wood around your house. You may notice small holes or frass that looks like sawdust. Termites travel using mud tubers so you may see them around the foundation of your home or under porches and decks. If the infestation is extensive, you may begin to notice spongy or buckling floors, sagging doors, hear sounds inside the walls, or smell a musty odor.


What Should You Do If You Suspect Termites?

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses in the US annually, most of which is not covered by insurance. If they’ve gone unnoticed, they can cause structural damage so bad that it can become uninhabitable. At the first signs of a termite infestation, you should call the professionals at Montgomery Exterminating. We can evaluate your situation and help you remedy the problem.

If you don’t think you have a termite problem, it’s still a great idea to contact us at Montgomery Exterminating. We can help you keep your Tulsa home termite-free and prevent future infestations. It’s much easier and cost-effective to work to prevent termites than to try to undo the damage after they’ve invaded. Contact us today for an inspection and to learn about the benefits of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

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