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Lawn Enemy Number One

January 11, 2018

mole digging hole

In Tulsa, we spend a lot of time keeping our lawns looking beautiful. It requires routine mowing and the application of products that help our warm-season turfgrasses outcompete with the weeds that are ever encroaching. And lawn care is something we do when we're taking time off from our day job. So, we are not surprised that these critters cause people to lose their minds when unsightly tunnel lines appear on the surface of lush green lawns, or volcano-like mounds start popping up. If you're seeing signs of moles in your yard, here are a few quick things you need to know most.

You don't have moles because of something you did--well, it's not likely, anyway. If someone told you that moles only attack lawns that have a grub problem, and that if you fix that grub problem, those moles will go away, you're not getting the whole story. While moles love grubs (and are able to eat them by the truckload) they are able to survive quite nicely on a diet of earthworms. Any lawn that is beautiful and green has earthworms. So, treating a grub problem isn't going to get rid your mole issue.

DIY mole control is a recipe for frustration. When mounds start appearing in your yard, you may be tempted to pour something into those holes to destroy that yard-invading pest. The problem is this hardly ever works. In fact, it usually makes the problem worse. When you make one tunnel unusable, your mole (or moles) will have to make new tunnels in your yard. That is very bad. A mole can dig tunneling as long as 300 feet in one night. That means you're likely to wake up to a lot more unsightly lines on your beautiful lawn. And, even if you get lucky--really lucky--and you happen to poison and kill the mole that has come onto your property, your pest control efforts will not keep new moles from taking place of the old mole.

Mole control is a complex process that requires training and experience. Professional pest control technicians know how to systematically remove infestating moles and treat tunnels to resist future mole infestations.

If you live in Tulsa, or our Oklahoma service area, reach out to Montgomery Exterminating to get that mole problem under control. We have over 25 years of experience protecting Oklahoma homes and businesses from pest infestations. Let us help to protect yours.

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