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Pests To Watch Out For While Unpacking Holiday Decorations

November 26, 2017

mouse next to holiday decoration

This is a magical time of year. Isn't it? There is nothing quite like a home trimmed with twinkling lights and a yard filled with reindeer and glowing snowmen. We love the gifts wrapped in bold red and green, with ribbons of gold. We love the mistletoe hanging from the door frame. We love the evergreen adorned with colorful bulbs and dancing lights. But, before all of these festive decorations appear in our yards, on our homes, and inside our living rooms, they're usually in storage. And storage spaces can be a playground for pests. Here are some of the pests you may run into.


When you pull a box out of a storage location, there is always a chance that there could be a spider in it. There are many spiders that prefer secluded areas in a home. And the type of spiders that like secluded areas also prefer to hide in holes and crevices. This will have them hiding in boxes or in the spaces in between boxes. Be careful when lifting boxes in stored locations. There could be a brown recluse or black widow spider present.

Mice and Rats

Rodents have incisors that never stop growing. That's why they chew holes and gnaw on wood. But wood isn't the only material they'll gnaw on. It is common for rodents to chew their way into stored boxes for food or harborage. Examine your decoration boxes for holes before you open them. It could save you from an unexpected encounter with a scared mouse or rat. And it could keep you from getting bitten.


You are probably aware that cockroaches spread harmful bacteria and disease when they get into a home, and that they are a pantry and kitchen pest. But cockroaches also love to hide in storage areas. They are also capable of chewing through cardboard to gain entrance to a stored box. The will usually do this to get at decorations that are made of food items. Be sure to always store food decorations in sealed, hard plastic containers to get the smells in and the bugs out.

Another way to reduce your chances of an unwanted encounter with bugs and rodents is to get a pest plan in place. When your home has fewer pests, life is better in every season of the year. If you live in our Oklahoma service area, reach out to us and find out about our Home Bronze, Home Silver, and Home Gold pest service plans. Pest management isn't just a quality of life upgrade, it is essential protection every family should have. Get your protection in place today.  

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