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Problems Gophers Cause

February 14, 2018

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Waking up in the morning should be one of the best things to happen to you all day! However, waking up to a problem with the home you work so hard for likely isn’t. Most of us work every day so that we can return to a nice home afterward, then work just as hard at getting everything the way we want at home and keeping it that way. Most people take pride in making sure their home is clean inside and out, and you can spend a significant amount of time getting your lawn just perfect, cut just the way you want it, watered and just the perfect shade of green. How sad it would be to wake up and find your hard work ruined by extensive damage that you weren't prepared for. Unfortunately, gophers can turn that nightmare into a sad reality quite quickly, and taking care of them today could determine the state of your property tomorrow morning. 

Gophers are extremely destructive animals. Gophers, a medium sized and common rodent, create a series of tunnels beneath the surface of the ground to live in. These tunnels are found just beneath the surface and can travel hundreds of feet deeper. The tunnel system, depending on where it’s built, weakens the ground below your property. The horseshoe like mounds of dirt created by gophers while digging the hole also creates a potential hazard for lawn mowers, people, and farm equipment. 

A gopher's daily diet consists primarily of the roots of plants and grasses. As they burrow and feed they can cause a terrible amount of damage to gardens, crops, fields, saplings, and lawns. Though they may not be eating it for any sort of nutritional value, gophers are also known to chew through wires and piping, creating even more issues. Gophers do not hibernate, and in order to get out of the cold gophers will often dig deeper below the frost line. This year-round tunneling increases the odds of doing serious damage and makes gophers a problem you shouldn't put off dealing with.

Due to their attraction to moist soils and healthy grass, getting rid of gophers and having a beautiful lawn can be pretty tough, and will usually require the help of a professional. Preventing them, on the other hand, can be a bit easier and can go quite a long ways in protecting your perfect lawn. Here are a few tips to help keep gophers out of your yard.

  • Keep dandelions and alfalfa, as well as other plant roots in your yard to a minimum

  • Make sure to fill in holes as you find them

  • Try placing in-ground barriers around plants and gardens

  • Limit plants in your garden

Here at Montgomery Exterminating, we have seen our fair share of gophers, and if you have a gopher problem we can definitely help. Start by calling us for a free inspection. A pest control specialist will help in assessing the issue as well as creating a plan that is specific to the severity of your situation. Our gopher services will remove gophers on site and assess the damage they have already done. We are committed to your flexibility which is why we offer our gopher services as a one time visit, or if you choose, a monthly service. If you choose a monthly service, we will provide follow up visits, reassuring that not only are gophers removed but that they will not be causing damage in the future. Calling a professional to remove gophers not only saves you time and money, but it saves you a lot of work. Spend more time enjoying your home and less time fixing it by giving us a call today!

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