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Problems Mice Cause In Tulsa Homes

January 5, 2018

mouse in tulsa home

If you visit the pet store, you may be amused by the little white critters inside cages who run on wheels (and even spin upside down) and sleep all nestled together in a pile of white softness. Sure, mice can be fun inside a cage, in a well-lit environment but, when wild mice are running loose inside the dark spaces of your wall voids and attic, they are not fun at all. In fact, they are downright destructive.

If you are tempted to think, "What's the big deal about a few mice in the house?" you might want to think again. A "few" mice inside a home won't stay a few mice for long. Mice multiply quickly, and a small infestation can become large in a matter of days.

Problems Mice Cause

Mice are one of the most destructive pests that you can have in a structure. While mice will consume around 3 grams of food each day, they destroy much more than that thanks to their constant habit of nibbling. Mice will dig up freshly planted grains, mutilate crops, gnaw through food containers, contaminate any area where they roam, and more.

  • Damages caused by chewing: Mice not only cause damage outside but, once inside, they will chew on anything from walls to stored treasures to electrical wiring. They have a need to do this because of their teeth. Rodents have a set of incisors that grow continually and need to be worn down by chewing on things, similar to how a cat will wear down its claws by scratching. Mice can damage structures, disrupt insulation, ruin stored items, and even spark a house fire.

  • Damages caused by urine and droppings: Mice are known for chewing through food containers and leaving droppings in the backs of drawers. While this is gross enough, the real problem comes with the fact that mice are loaded with filthy pathogens. These creatures spend much of their time in dumpsters, sewers, and other, bacteria-laden places. When they do this, they pick up disease-causing bacteria on their fur and ingest it into their bellies. A few of the illnesses mice are known to spread include salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and tapeworms.

  • Damages caused by parasites: Mice do not only carry bacteria, they can have a whole host of secondary pests that they carry in their fur.

While it is possible to seal out mice that haven't gotten in yet using strategies such as sealing up the outside of your home and removing clutter from your perimeter and yard, this will do nothing to remove the ones that are already inside, chewing and multiplying rapidly within your walls. To take care of a mouse infestation, the most effective way is to hire a professional. Montgomery Exterminating has been helping folks for over 25 years. You don't have to live with mice destroying your home and property, reach out to us today to get information about rodent control services.

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