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Problems Spiders Cause In Businesses And Commercial Properties

December 13, 2018

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Mention spiders in Oklahoma and a whole list comes to mind: brown recluse, black widow, wolf, and common house spiders, to name a few. However, the stories and reputations they have generated over the years are often more fiction than fact (spider bites rarely cause death). But no one wants their business associated with any type of pest infestation, especially one with such negative connotations as spiders. If your business is dealing with a spider problem, you will want to call the commercial pest management professionals at Montgomery Exterminating to eliminate them permanently.
Spiders can be a big problem in the fall and winter months as the temperatures drop and insects move indoors to seek warm shelter. Spiders lay eggs in the fall, which will stay dormant until the spring when they hatch. Many people try to make themselves feel better about the presence of spiders indoors. Spiders eat other insects, it’s true, but is that necessarily a good thing? Why would you want to have other insects inside your commercial property? Spiders are often a sign that you have other pest problems. Spider webs, eggs, and egg sacs create a mess that you do not want in your business. Wolf spiders build webs in which to hang their egg sacs, and house spiders build elaborate webs to catch flies and other insects. Though not all spiders build webs (brown recluse spiders live and hide in dens where they won’t be disturbed frequently) who wants to have spiders nesting in their stock rooms?
Let’s talk about spider bites. What if one of your unsuspecting employees encounters a brown recluse spider on the job and gets bitten? You are looking at a possible work safety hazard. If word gets out that your brand is associated with spiders, you could scare away current as well as potential customers.
As a business owner, you are consumed with the reputation of your company down to every last detail. Any pest infestation can result in health and safety violations, fines, and the possible shutdown of your business by regulatory agencies. Since spiders have potentially dangerous bites, you cannot take the risk of having them in your business, for the safety of your employees and customers.
If you are looking to eliminate a spider infestation, or want to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place, look no further than Montgomery Exterminating of Tulsa. We are the area’s best commercial pest management provider, and we will work closely with you to develop a customized program specifically designed for your business. Call us today!

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