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Spider Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

January 30, 2018

brown recluse spider

In our Oklahoma service area, spider problems come in many forms. Usually, they're just a nuisance. But, when the wrong spider gets into the wrong place, serious issues may arise. Here are the spiders you can expect to see in your Oklahoma home, and the tips that work to keep them out of your home.

Common House Spiders

There are many spiders that fall into this category. These are the spiders that build webs where you can see them. This is because they have poor eyesight and pay no attention to humans. These are considered nuisance spiders, and they leave little more than a red, itchy welt when they bite.

Wolf Spiders

When wolf spiders get into your home, you're not likely to know it until you actually see one. These tiny, hairy spiders are hunter spiders. They don't build webs for you to clean up. You'll find these spiders hanging out in moist or humid areas of your home, particularly areas that have storage boxes and other places to hide. While sometimes painful, a bite from a wolf spider is not medically important.

Brown Recluse Spiders

This spider needs no introduction. We all know that a bite wound from a brown recluse spider can be serious. This is because brown recluse venom can have necrotic properties. Most of the time, recluse spiders will be in secluded areas, but they can come into your common areas and hide in shoes, clothing, towels, bedding, and other locations. When they do, bites can occur.

Black Widow Spiders

Of all the spiders that can get into your home, the black widow is the least inclined to do so. When they get in, they hang out in basements or attic spaces where there is little or no human activity. But, like the brown recluse spider, they can sometimes come into common areas and hide in holes and recesses.

Spider Tips That Work To Resist Spiders

  • Reduction. Spiders come into yards that have hiding places, overgrowth, and an abundance of bugs to feed on. Reducing bugs works to reduce the spiders that eat them. It is just that simple.

  • Exclusion. Spiders come into homes because they can. Keeping your exterior walls sealed and protected is the single, best way to keep all of these spiders out. If exclusion alone is insufficient, it may be necessary to have a pest control professional apply treatments to bolster vulnerable locations.

If you need help reducing spiders in your yard, or sealing them out of your Oklahoma home, reach out to Montgomery Exterminating. We don't just exterminate pests. We offer ongoing, proactive pest prevention for homes and businesses in our service area. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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