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The Big Bad Wolf Spider In Tulsa

September 12, 2019

a large wolf spider in a protective position as it is carring a ckuster of egg sack on its back through a tulsa oklahoma home

If you thought little spiders were bad, say hello to these 1.5-inch furry monsters that could be lurking outside your home at this very moment.

The wolf spider looks exactly like its name sounds—a grey and fuzzy exterior, eight tiny eyes, and long hairy legs perfect for running after prey. Unlike other spiders, these arachnids don't spin webs, opting instead for a nomadic life and building burrows when settling down on decent hunting grounds. Despite their scary form, wolf spiders are wonderful parents and carry their egg sacs on their back, an uncommon trait for most spiders. 

Wolf spiders can be very aggressive towards other creatures, particularly egg-carrying females when they are around predators. However, unless they feel threatened, humans don’t seem to bother these spiders. A wolf spider bite is poisonous but not life-threatening for the average adult. Their bite will, however, leave a swelling, itchy blister or rash that may take some time to go away.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (Spider)?

Spiders are a year-round concern, so surges in wolf spider populations should make you suspicious about other pest activity around the house and lawn. Below are some steps you can take to deter them.

  • Keep clutter off the floor to cut down on potential hiding places. 

  • Clean counters, sweep floors, and vacuum carpets to remove food sources for wolf spider prey.

  • Check around the interior and exterior of your home for cracks, fissures, splits, or tears. Ineffective screens on windows and doors tend to be the most significant contributors to pest infestations. A trustworthy home repair service should inspect areas that you do not feel qualified to fix.

  • Keep shrubbery, trees, and flowers pruned away from the sides of your home and off windows and doors.

Keeping smaller pest populations down is essential to preventing wolf spider overpopulation and spillover into the house. If you are unsure about the presence or signs of nuisance insect activity on your property, get a comprehensive home inspection from a professional local pest control company. 

Montgomery’s Not-So-Secret Spider Removal

Wolf spiders may not be harmful residents in the yard, but they certainly do make for some unsettling freeloaders in the house. Finding these hunters within the home can be an ominous sign of other pest activity that has gone unnoticed for an extended period. For managing all pests that could be skulking around your Tulsa home, contact Montgomery Exterminating, the best pest control team since 1989.

We pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best to our Tulsa customers, from our free and no-obligation inspections to our trapping, extermination, and abatement programs. Call us today and find out why residents have trusted Montgomery Exterminating for nearly 30 years.

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