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Ticks Entering Their Active Season In Tulsa: How You Can Prepare

August 13, 2019

a small but blood filled tick embedded in a long haired tulsa pet dog

There are plenty of pests that can make you shudder, but if you had to rank them, ticks would probably be in one of the top spots. Of course, they have the creepy crawly aspect to them, but it's their recent population explosion and the number of serious illnesses they spread that makes them a threat. Since ticks are entering their active season in Tulsa, you’ll want to prepare for them.


When are Ticks Active?

With temperatures in Tulsa staying reasonably mild all year round, ticks never entirely go away. They will become less active in the colder winter months, but it's possible that you could see some even in December or January.

When spring arrives, ticks become more active. Spring is the time when you’ll see adult ticks that are eager to find a host, especially if they haven’t had one all winter.

As spring turns to summer, eggs hatch and nymphs are at their peak. Summer may well be the most dangerous time of year because the nymphs are so small that they are very easy to miss if they get on you. 

As the nymphs mature towards the end of summer and into the fall, there is a large adult population. Of all the seasons, this can be an especially vulnerable time for your house. Wildlife and rodents often enter homes at this time of year to prepare for winter, and they often bring ticks inside with them. Although you're just as likely to get a tick on you when you are outside, you certainly don't want pests delivering them to your house.


How You Can Prepare for Ticks

Since wildlife is how ticks end up in your yard most often in the first place, to keep ticks out of your house and yard, one of the best things you can do is make those areas unattractive to wildlife. You can do this by:

  • Sealing cracks, crevices, holes, gaps, and weak spots around your house where wildlife could get in

  • Removing outdoor food sources, such as pet food and open garbage containers

  • Reducing outdoor water sources, like clogged gutters, leaky spigots, and standing water

  • Eliminating areas of refuge, such as brush piles, overgrown shrubbery, tall grasses, and lawn debris


Other steps you can take to prevent ticks include:

  • Keeping your pets up-to-date on their tick treatments

  • Using DEET on your clothing when you go outdoors

  • Placing a fence or other barrier between your lawn and the treeline to prevent pets from wandering into the woods, and keeping wildlife off your lawn


What to Do if Ticks Become a Problem for Your Tulsa Home

If you start noticing a lot of ticks around, it's time to take the next step. Montgomery Exterminating offers tick treatments that will significantly reduce their numbers on your property. We can also help you determine if another pest issue is exacerbating your tick problem, and if so, offer suggestions and treatment options to take care of that as well.


Ticks are not a pest to mess around with. Contact Montgomery, and we'll help keep your home and yard tick-free.

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