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Tulsa Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Yellow Jackets

July 29, 2019

a yellow jacket crawlog along a stone wall on a tulsa oklahoma driveway


Yellow jackets are often confused with bees because of their bright yellow and black coloring; however, they are actually a type of wasp. If you were to look close, you would notice that yellow jackets are hairless, unlike most bee species. Yellow jackets have segmented bodies with small waists and a set of long, translucent wings. These wasps are social insects and are found in large colonies. Some yellow jacket colonies have numbers that range into the thousands. In extreme cases, some nest sizes have been described as that of a small car. 


Problems Yellow Jackets Cause

When yellow jackets build nests on your Tulsa property, they become a danger to you and your family. While it is true that yellow jackets are more aggressive than many other wasp species, they aren't actively trying to harm you. Instead, they only seek to protect their colony from predators. If you wander too close to their nests, yellow jackets will become aggressive and defend their territory. Nests are often located in trees, under decks, in attics, and even in the ground. The last thing you want to do is drive a lawnmower over one by mistake and have hundreds of angry yellow jackets swarm out to sting you. For individuals who are allergic to yellow jacket venom, avoiding these aggressive insects is even more critical. 


Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

The first step to avoiding yellow jackets around your Tulsa property is understanding why they might nest there in the first place. Like many other insects, yellow jackets gravitate to homes with plenty of food sources. Yellow jackets prefer foods that are high in sugar or high in protein, which is why we often see them buzzing around picnic areas. A few ways you can avoid attracting yellow jackets to your Tulsa home include:

  • Storing pet food in airtight plastic containers

  • Sealing your garbage bins and storing them away from your exterior walls

  • Covering vents, utility openings, and windows to prevent yellow jackets from nesting in vacant spaces in your home

  • Bringing open soda cans, bottles, and food items back into your home after outdoor parties


Attempting to remove a nest on your own is dangerous, which is why yellow jacket infestations should always be left to the professionals. Here at Montgomery Exterminating, our service technicians have the experience, tools, and the knowledge necessary to handle all of your pest control problems. We will implement a treatment plan to eliminate your yellow jacket infestation and keep future wasps from invading. Call us today to learn more, or to schedule your free estimate.

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