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What Are Silverfish And How Do They Get Inside?

November 29, 2018

silverfish on the ground

Silverfish are much like their name suggest, metallic silver insects with bodies that resemble fish. Another common name silverfish often go by are “bristletails." This is due to their three long bristles or tail-like appendages found on the rear of their bodies. Distinctly unique, and terrifying in design, it’s safe to say, you’ll know one when you see one.

How Do Silverfish Get Inside?

If you are a homeowner, seeing silverfish in your home should raise a few red flags. Not because silverfish are extremely dangerous, or destructive, but for the simple reason that, if silverfish were able to get inside, most likely so will other more damaging pests. Oftentimes silverfish will invade through cracks or gaps caused by water-damaged wood around your home. Usually, this wood has mildew, fungi, mold, algae, or other natural organisms that soften it, making it more susceptible to mice, rats, and bugs. Another common way silverfish will invade your home is by using the trojan horse method, turning the items you bring inside, such as boxes, furniture, and rugs, into their own personal shuttle service.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Silverfish have a bigger figurative bark than bite, in the way that their terrifying appearance does not properly portray their threat level. With this in mind, silverfish do still pose a reason for concern. For one, silverfish have quite the appetite, seemingly eating everything they can get their sticklike legs on, including, curtains, tapestries, books, linen, old photos, wallpaper, dead bugs, and even shampoo. Silverfish will also commonly seek out and munch on the dry goods found in your kitchen, and it's safe to say, no one wants to find a silverfish in their bowl of cereal.

What do You do if You Find Silverfish in Your Home?

If you find silverfish crawling around in your home, the first thing you should do is search for where they might have gotten in. Locating areas of water damage around your home and having these trouble spots repaired is an amazing first step to keeping out unwanted pest invaders. Secondly, reducing the moisture found in and around your home will turn your home from a silverfish oasis into a silverfish dessert. This can be done by installing dehumidifiers in humid locations, fixing leaks, and removing stagnant water sources from in and around your home. Finally, call a professional. Silverfish can be a pain to get rid of and DIY tips will only take you so far. If your Tulsa home is crawling with unwanted guests, let Montgomery Exterminating help. Our pest control specialists have been trained to seek out and eliminate any and all silverfish found in and around your home. If you want the best solution to your pest needs, you have found it, call Montgomery today and discover how well implemented pest control can impact your quality of life.

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