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What Everybody Ought To Know About The Carpet Beetles In Tulsa

November 7, 2019

carpet beetle on rug

Carpet beetles are pests that are somewhat hard to explain, and the internet doesn't help matters. If you go looking for information on carpet beetles, you'll get a lot of mixed signals. Hopefully, this short guide will help to get you on the right track.


A carpet beetle is an oval, dome-shaped insect with a crease down the center where its wings come together. Its wings are over its abdomen and its thorax can clearly be seen above a crease line. If it is moving around, you may see its head as well. But its head may be tucked under. It has six legs and two antennae, which are thicker toward the tips, giving them a handlebar shape. Depending on the species, it may be black, it may be a mottled mixture of brown, white, tan and black, or it may be black, orange, and white. There is some variance in coloration within species so it can sometimes be difficult to properly identify which species you're looking at if you aren't familiar with their visual characteristics. In Oklahoma, we have four carpet beetle pests. They are the black carpet beetle, the varied carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle, and the common carpet beetle. If you need assistance with identification, take a photo and send it to us. We'd be happy to help.

Do Carpet Beetles Look Like Worms?

If you look for carpet beetles on the internet, you might find pictures that look like hairy, tan worms. Those are the larvae of carpet beetles. Carpet beetles and their larvae range in size from 3/16 to ½ inches.

How Destructive are Carpet Beetles?

It depends on how many you have in your home and how long you have them. A single carpet beetle can lay three batches of eggs with 20 to 100 eggs. When the eggs hatch, the larvae begin to feed. This is the stage of development you need to be concerned with. Adult carpet beetles eat pollen and nectar. Larvae feed on silk, wool, hair, fur, feathers and other natural fibers. This can damage your carpets, tapestries, wool sweaters, blankets, linen, clothing and a whole lot more.

Are Carpet Beetles Dangerous?

You don't have to worry about being bitten by a carpet beetle. But you might get red bumps on your skin. Some people have an allergic reaction to the hairs on the bottom of carpet beetle larvae. This allergic reaction can look like insect bites, especially bites caused by bed bug nymphs.

How Did I Get Carpet Beetles?

It is likely that they came right in through your front door. Carpet beetles are capable fliers. They may have also entered your home through a tiny gap, crack or hole. Check the screens on your doors and windows to make sure they are in good condition. Make sure all your doors have door sweeps. Examine your foundation, especially around pipes, windows and PVC wire conduits. If you see gaps, fill them in.

How Do I Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Once carpet beetles get into your home, it is difficult to deal with them, and DIY pest control products and methods can lead to a loss of money, lots of frustration, and continued damage to your belongings. The best solution is to reach out to Montgomery Exterminating. Our team of licensed pest professionals uses EPA approved products and field-tested methods to ensure complete elimination of these destructive pests. Schedule a free, no-obligation free estimate. We'll guide you toward the right solutions for your specific problem.

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