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What To Do If You See Flying Ants Around Your Home

March 19, 2019

ants in tulsa oklahoma house
Every year, without fail, ants come out from hiding and begin to look for a new place to call home. Ants flying around your home is not what you want to observe as the weather warms up. Flying ants are otherwise known as ant swarmers, and they give a good indication that your home may be at risk of an infestation or may already have one.
If you have swarmers around your home, they are there for one of three reasons:
  • Mating. Worker ants, which make up the majority of an ant colony, are sterile in nature, meaning they cannot breed. Swarmers, however, are sexually mature males and females. This means, if you see ants flying around, this is a lot worse than seeing lines of ants on your floor, as the flying ones can reproduce and start colonies, while workers only provide for existing ones.
  • Finding food. Swarmers' jobs include finding the quickest route to a source of food so the rest of the colony can follow up and gather it.
  • Setting up a new colony. The main purpose of swarmers is to establish new colonies in areas that are plentiful in food, water, and shelter. If they find these necessities on or around your property, your home could be at risk of an infestation.

Why Pest Control is Important

When ants are allowed to run freely in and around your property they tend to cause more than a number of problems. Some ants, such as odorous house ants, when crushed, release a pungent, rotten-coconut odor that is extremely unpleasant. Other ants, such as carpenter ants, pose a larger risk, not to you, but to the foundational wood of your home where they choose to build their colony. Whether ants are simply a menace, or pose a serious risk to the health of you or your home, professional pest control is what you need.
Here at Montgomery, we provide the quality pest control you are looking for, and we offer treatment plans that get ants out of your home. We also offer preemptive treatments to ensure that your home remains protected from ants as they re-emerge this spring. If you are looking to solve your problem before you even have one, Montgomery Exterminating is the company for the job. Give us a call, and we will help you choose from either our bronze, silver, or gold plan, depending on your home's needs.

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