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Where Does Gopher Damage Occur Around Tulsa-Area Yards?

May 9, 2019

a gray goffer screaming as he is perched up on his hind legs in the tall grass of a Tulsa property

You work hard to keep your lawn and yard attractive. Are you tired of having your hard work damaged by gophers and moles every year? If so, help is just around the corner when you enlist the help of a professional pest control service.

Gophers are the number-1 culprit in damaging lawns and they are active year-long in Oklahoma. They are the most active during the spring and fall and they do not hibernate in the winter. They do however burrow deeper into the ground below the frost line.

Gophers are attracted to properties that have moist soil and all of their favorite foods like healthy grass, dandelions, alfalfa, and plant roots. The problems that gophers can cause can be extensive as they tunnel underground to create burrows and get from one place to another. This can cause weakened ground surfaces, mounds, and holes that are dangerous for everyday activities such as walking across the uneven ground and mowing the lawn. The damage that gophers cause to a root system can ruin gardens, trees, and lawns. Gophers will sometimes break up bark and gnaw on the base of trees. They also can unintentionally chew through underground pipes and wires, creating more serious issues.

Moles and gophers are similar in that they both dig through dirt. They are very different in appearance, however. Gophers are like mini groundhogs, beady eyes, short brown hair, and small ears. Moles have shorter front legs, large front scoop-like claws, gray fur, stocky bodies, pointed snouts, tiny eyes, and almost non-existent ears. Moles spend more time underground tunneling, and the damage they cause usually occurs in loose sandy soil. Their tunneling will show in raised surface ground trails. They do not eat vegetation but rather feed on earthworms and grubs.

One thing you can do to deter gophers and moles is avoiding dandelions and alfalfa. If you discover holes in your lawn, fill them in right away, install in-ground barriers around your garden and important plants. Gophers and moles are persistent pests that can be clever adversaries. Your yard provides these pests with an unlimited food source and they can be extremely difficult to remove and prevent without professional help.

Montgomery Exterminating in Oklahoma has dealt with a multitude of lawn pests. We are the pest control specialists that can help you with gopher and mole problems, big or small. To get started, all you have to do is give us a call and ask for a free inspection. We will assess the issue and create a specific plan that suits the severity of the invasion. One thing is sure, the specialists at Mongomery Exterminating will remove all of the gophers and moles. You can choose our one-time service or ongoing service where we will return monthly to assure these pests cannot do any more damage. Contact us today for more information and an initial inspection.

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