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Why Are There Cockroaches In My Home?

March 19, 2018

american cockroach found in tulsa home

Being a leader in pest control, we naturally get asked a lot of pest control questions. And, since cockroaches create a lot of issues for our residential customers, it isn't surprising that we are often asked, "Why are these roaches coming in?" We'd like to be able to give a simple answer but, with cockroaches, nothing is ever simple. Here are 4 of the reasons why you have cockroaches in your home.


All insects go where the food is and cockroaches are not an exception. If you have open trash cans, you're going to lure roaches into your yard. When they come in close to your home, they will search every inch of your exterior walls and foundation searching for more food. Unfortunately, this can bring them into your home.


Roaches love moisture. If you have damp areas around your foundation, roaches will take notice. Dampness can be caused by many things. You may have compacted ground that keeps rainwater from soaking in. You may have shaded areas where the sun can't dry rainwater after it pours. You could have a broken gutter or a leaky hose attached to your exterior spigot. And, when cockroaches come in close to your home, they can get inside.


When roaches explore, they spend a lot of time hiding under things. Roaches prefer to be in locations where their belly and their back can touch two hard surfaces as the same time. If you have lawn clutter, roaches will love you for it. If you have clutter next to your home, you'll have roaches looking for a way to get into your home.

Simply Because They Can

If you have entry points (and every home does) you're going to have a cockroach problem if roaches explore your exterior walls. Cockroaches are able to compact their bodies and squeeze in the tiniest of cracks. They climb walls and walk across ceilings. Some even fly. It is extremely difficult to keep these insects out of a home without pest control.

In our service area, we have three species of cockroach that can become household pests. American cockroaches, which are large brown insects with a figure 8 marking on their back, towards their heads. German cockroaches, which are tiny and tan, with two parallel stripes on their back, towards their heads. We also have Oriental cockroaches, which are dark, shiny, armored-looking insects with no recognizable markings. If you see any of these insects in your home, reach out to Montgomery Exterminating for immediate assistance or to establish year-round pest service to keep cockroaches and other harmful pests out all year round. Life has enough complications without adding cockroach-related health issues into the mix.

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