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Why Call Montgomery Exterminating For Gopher And Mole Problems

April 4, 2019

gopher on tulsa lawn

Winter has finally passed and many people’s favorite season has arrived. Many homeowners anticipate spring and the chance to get back out into their gardens like a kid anticipates Christmas. But some homeowners will be in for an unpleasant surprise when they take a close look around their yard. If gophers or moles invaded over the winter, there will be a lot more to take care of than simply preparing for spring flowers. If gopher and mole problems have you down, call Montgomery Exterminating.

Problems and Damage That Gophers and Moles Cause

Gophers and moles cause a number of problems for homeowners, the most obvious being the destruction of your lawn due to their tunnels and holes. If you’ve ever twisted your ankle by stepping in a hole dug by a gopher or mole, you know the pain of having these pests on your property.

The problems don’t stop there though. Of course, no one wants mounds of dirt all over their yard from a gopher’s or mole’s excavating efforts, but the tunnels they dig can also cause cave-ins, which at worst could lead to injury and at least will lead to an unsightly lawn. When gophers and moles move into your yard, they’ll also kill some of the grass.

While moles eat worms, grubs, and bugs, gophers are herbivores. You probably won’t see them eating your plants though. They love to come at your garden from underground, eating away at the roots of your plants and killing them in the process. Occasionally they’ll come above ground to eat, but only if necessary.

Why Professional Treatment by Montgomery Exterminating is the Way to Go

Many people who end up with gopher or mole problems think that if they can catch the animal, their problems will be over. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If not already there, other moles and gophers will move into the pre-dug tunnels and continue to wreak havoc on your yard.

The best way to eliminate your gopher or mole problems is by calling Montgomery Exterminating. We use a three-part control process that includes inspection, treatment, and follow-up. Our inspection will help us determine the cause and size of your problem which will enable us to create a treatment plan specified to your exact needs. Then if you desire follow-up services, we’ll come back regularly to make sure the problem does not return.

Get back to doing what you love, knowing that gophers or moles won’t destroy your hard work. Give Montgomery a call today.

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