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Why Fleas Are Still Biting In Tulsa

November 8, 2018

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Flea infestations can be maddening and they can start with just a single flea. One piggyback ride and they’re in. And once they are in, they are IN, crawling on furniture, across our skin, through the carpet, everywhere, and the frustration doesn’t stop there. Have you ever tried to handle fleas on your own? The process usually goes something like this: Clean, spray, bathe pets, clean, isolate pets, flea bomb, clean, find more fleas, more cleaning, more chemicals, clean some more, and yet still fleas!! The stress is enough to drive even the most stable-minded individual mad.

Where Did the Madness Come From?

Fleas need blood meals to survive, but until a proper source of blood wanders by, fleas will hide wherever they can. Outside they will hide in vegetation such as shrubs, grass, and garden plants. From there they will look for a host to feed on. This could be a passing wildlife creature, or it could be your dog Scruffy out for his morning walk. When it comes to fleas on wildlife, they pose no threat to us, it’s only when they hitch a ride inside on our pets the real problem starts. Although fleas can travel across most surfaces, they prefer areas with warm, dark, and moist conditions. Be wary of socks as they are perfect for fleas, add a blood meal from your foot, and you have a flea paradise. Fleas will also hide and lay eggs in carpets and cracks. Flea eggs lack the ability to stick to their hosts. This means if your dog shakes himself on your bed… You get the picture.

The Dangers Fleas Bring

Due to their need for blood, fleas bite any warm-blooded creature they can find. This means if a flea is carrying a disease, and you or your pet are an available food source… Again you get the picture. With diseases such as murine typhus, it’s safe to say, fleas are not a pest we want around our homes. Along with diseases, fleas are also known hosts for tapeworms, which can, like diseases, be transmitted to the victims they bite.

Why Call Montgomery

If your home has fleas, our heart goes out to you. We have personally walked beside families plagued by fleas. We have seen the frustration, and we are here to help. Here at Montgomery Exterminating, your health and peace of mind is our top concern. With top-of-the-line plans such as the Home Gold pest control package, you can rest easy, knowing your home is protected. If your home has fleas, call Montgomery Exterminating and find out how we can help.

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