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Why Pest Prevention In Tulsa Is Even More Important In The Fall

November 12, 2019

house centipede in sink

Many people let pest control slide in the fall. If you're one of them, we understand. Insects disappear when the temperatures drop and reappear every spring when temperatures warm back up. You probably know that many of them die off in the cold. So, why should you have to think about pest control when temperatures seem to be taking care of it for you? The problem is that a large number of insects don't die off. They go into hiding. If they choose to hide in your Tulsa home, you could have some problems to deal with.

One insect is no big deal, right?

In the fall, most wasps die off. Only newly hatched female reproductives make it through the winter. This is because they are fattened to survive without food for a few months. If a female reproductive hides in your home, she'll emerge in the spring and probably build a nest on your property.

A few insects now and then aren't a problem, right?

When conditions outside are unfavorable, house centipedes invade. Those are the nasty-looking bugs with 15 pairs of legs that cling to your bathroom walls and appear in unexpected locations, like just above your toilet paper roll. While you'll only see them every once in a while, they are an important warning sign that bugs are getting into your home. This is important to understand because many pests don't reveal themselves as readily as centipedes, such as cockroaches. You can find yourself dealing with ongoing sickness all winter long and not realize that roaches are to blame. Cockroaches and centipedes don't chew their way in, they enter through holes that already exist. Fall is an important time of year to seal those holes.

A ton of insects is a big problem

Cold temperatures can drive insects into your home by the hundreds if they're able to find entry points. Some insects that get in can be destructive to your belongings. They chew away at paper, fabrics and wood. They stain furniture, drapes and clothing. And some of them can damage the wood of your home.

Fall Prevention

If you haven't thought about it yet, now is the time to start thinking about fall pest prevention in Tulsa. It is time to seal gaps, cracks, and holes. It is time to make sure your screens, door sweeps, and weatherstripping are working properly. It is time to remove conditions around your home that attract pests, such as moisture, food sources, organic debris, and hiding places. And now is a good time to invest in a residential pest control program from Montgomery Exterminating. We provide the highest level of pest control service to Tulsa and the surrounding area. Reach out to us today. We're here to help you with all your pest control concerns.

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