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Why Professional Pest Control Is A Necessity For Flea And Tick Infestations

August 29, 2018

tick crawling on skin

Oklahoma seems to be a hotbed for flea and tick problems, and it gets worse every year! You’ve probably experienced problems with these pests now and then, even if you don’t have pets. Fleas and ticks can cause many problems for homeowners, their pets, and their households!

Fleas are tiny pests that can jump up to 150 times their own height! The females can eat up to 15 times their own body weight in blood on a daily basis and are capable of laying up to 2,000 eggs during their lifespan. If these pests invade your home, you could be dealing with a large population of fleas and a lot of flea bites in a very short period of time! Flea bites can be very harmful to pets. These bites can be extremely itchy and cause them to experience itchy patches and hot spots that they may bite, chew, or lick until these areas until they become raw and inflamed or their fur starts to fall out. Humans will also experience some itchiness and discomfort after bites occur as well. In addition, some people and pets may actually be more sensitive or have an allergic reaction to these bites. That’s why it is so important to take control of your flea infestation right away by contacting a trusted and experienced pest control service in your area!

Ticks may not have extremely large populations like fleas, but they can be even more dangerous! Cats and dogs seem to be more susceptible to these parasitic pests. In order to obtain a blood meal, ticks will latch themselves onto their host and burrow into the skin to feed. Ticks are responsible for the spread of many different tick-borne diseases including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. These diseases range from mild to debilitating. To help reduce the risk of tick-borne illnesses, it is more important than ever to enlist the help of a professional pest control service provider!

Residents of Oklahoma should use extreme caution when spending time outdoors, especially in tall grasses or wooded areas. The best course of action to help protect your pets and loved ones from these pests is to utilize a professional flea and tick control service.

Montgomery Exterminating provides the services needed to effectively eliminate the fleas and ticks inside your home. We can also lessen your exposure to them on your property! Our professionals will provide a thorough inspection followed by indoor and outdoor flea treatment. We also offer tick control treatment focused on outdoor problem areas such as shrubs and areas of tall grass.

However, if you want more than just flea and tick control, we have other programs to suit your needs as well! Just bundle it with our Home Gold pest control prevention package for year-round control of pests and seasonal control for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Give us a call today at Montgomery Exterminating in Oklahoma. We are always here to help!

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