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Why Professional Treatment Is Essential For Carpenter Ant Damage

May 31, 2019

A professional pest control technician treating a tulsa oklahoma home for carpenter ants

There are several types of ants that invade Oklahoma homes, and carpenter ants can be difficult to distinguish from the others. However, they are far more hazardous than most ants and should be removed from the house as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure which ants you’re dealing with, it is a good idea to have pest control perform an inspection.

Carpenter ants are usually large and typically black, but can also range from red to yellow. These ants get their name from the tunneling and nesting they perform inside wooden structures. Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood the way termites do, so you may find them in the kitchen searching for food. But it is not uncommon for carpenter ants to remain hidden for long periods of time. You may only see one or two crawling around the house and think nothing of it. Meanwhile, a team of worker ants is excavating the inside of your home. This is why, when it comes to carpenter ant damage, professional assessment and treatment is essential.

To treat carpenter ants alone is nearly impossible, mainly because they are hidden within the wooden structures of a home. Most at-home ant baits and traps treat individual ants but won’t eliminate the entire colony. They kill only the ants that have contact with the trap or none at all. Homeowners have no way of knowing the extent of the damage or if the ants are actually gone. DIY methods may make things look good on the outside while the damage is still occurring on the inside.

Carpenter ants are not only hard to eliminate but also difficult to prevent. This is because they can be attracted to homes for several reasons. Moisture, food sources, and the availability of wooden structures are all contributors. Keep food stored in containers that ants can’t get into. The wooden structure, of course, can’t be eliminated, but repairing damp wood can be helpful as this is more highly attractive to ants. Dehumidifiers and fixing leaks can assist in this. For more information take a look at How Carpenter Ants Get into Walls and Floors of Oklahoma Residences and How Oklahoma Residents Can Stop Carpenter Ants in their tracks.

When it comes to carpenter ants, professional pest control is the way to go. You won’t have to wonder whether the ants are still in your walls and building tunnels through your floors. With peace of mind, you can enjoy a pest-free home. At Montgomery Exterminating, we will conduct a thorough inspection. Our pest control technicians are all trained and experienced. Not only will current infestations be eliminated, but regular prevention will be put in place to keep pests away. Get started now by contacting Montgomery Exterminating.

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