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german cockroach in pantry

Protecting Your Home Against German Cockroach Infestations This Summer

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Most people think there are no differences from one cockroach to another. They are all nasty, disease-carrying pests, so what does it really matter what kind it is? When dealing with cockroaches, it is actually very important to know which species you are dealing with as some cockroaches are more troublesome than others for homeowners.

technician with termite bait station

Why Termite Prevention Is Vital In Oklahoma

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In Oklahoma, the termites we see infesting homes and businesses are subterranean termites. These are the worst type of termites in the United States. The cost of subterranean termite damage annually in the U.S. is in the billions, while all other termite damage is in the hundreds of millions. If you own property in Oklahoma, it is important to have ongoing, always active termite protection. If you have not yet made this investment, here are a few things you should know.


June 22, 2018

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flea on skin

Flea Season Is Upon Us

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You may think you are safe from a flea infestation because you either do not own any pets or have already had your pets treated for fleas and ticks by your veterinarian. It is important to understand that flea infestations are certainly not guaranteed each year, but they can occur in any home, with or without pets.

mosquito biting skin

Why Mosquito Populations Explode In June

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We all are troubled by the bites and buzzing of mosquitoes each and every summer. Mosquitoes flying around your face while you are trying to enjoy the outdoors can be very annoying, and their incessant buzzing is enough to drive anyone crazy. And, let’s not forget that mosquitoes can be responsible for a variety of illnesses including malaria, chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and Zika virus.


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