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February 12, 2019

#get rid of gophers in tulsa

gopher looking out of hole in the ground

What Does Gopher Damage Look Like?

Posted in: Gophers,

Gophers remain active all winter, digging deeper into the ground with cooler weather, allowing them to escape frost. This means that gophers can easily find their way onto your property at any time of year. They can remain active through the winter months, doing damage deep under your lawn without you being aware.

cockroach on a tomato

Cockroaches Tulsa-Area Residents Should Watch for in 2019

Posted in: Cockroaches,

If there’s a pest that can make you lose your appetite quickly it’s the cockroach. These insects can be found scurrying through sewage drains, trash, and other filthy areas. They can also be found eating human foods and on kitchen countertops, spreading bacteria around. Seeing one of these pests inside your home can be alarming.


January 31, 2019

#tick control in ok#ticks

tick on skin

When Do Ticks Become A Problem For Tulsa Residents?

Posted in: Ticks,

Oklahoma is one of the few states that remains pretty mild-weathered for most of the year, because of this it tends to harbor pest problems for a longer period of time than most other states. Most pests typically have a seasonality, or time of the year, where they invade homes more frequently, and here in Oklahoma, ticks are no different.

tulsa lawn damaged by moles

How to Tell if Your Tulsa Yard Has Moles

Posted in: Moles,

Moles can destroy a good-looking lawn quicker than you might imagine. However, ugly tunnels across your lawn are not the only problem they can bring into your life.


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