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spider up close in tulsa

How Spiders Get Inside Tulsa-Area Homes

Posted in: Spiders,

Just when you think you are safe from pests, spiders seem to be everywhere. Spiders are common in fall and winter. Unlike many pests who mate in the spring, spiders mating season begins in fall. This means that as other pests are slowing down for the winter, spiders are ramping up their activity.


January 15, 2019

#residential pest control

technician inspecting tulsa home for pests

The Oklahoma Homeowner’s Guide to a Pest-Free 2019

Posted in: Residential Pest Control,

Can you believe we are already in the new year? It’s time put last years pest problems in the rearview and start thinking about a pest-free 2019. Prevention is everything when it comes to pest infestations.


January 9, 2019

#rodent control in tulsa#rodents

rodent seeking for shelter in tulsa

Is My Tulsa Home at Risk for Rodent Infestations This Winter?

Posted in: Rodents,

January is the time of year when some of us start dreaming of spring. The weather may not be terrible in winter, but we long for the warm days and bursts of color that spring provides. We’re not the only ones who find spring an easier time of year to withstand than winter. Rodents do, too

mole on tulsa lawn

What to Do if Winter Wildlife Pests Have Invaded Your Lawn

Posted in: Gophers,Moles,Residential Pest Control,

Gophers and moles don’t disappear when the colder winter temperatures hit - they simply dig deeper underground! Both rodents are active year-round in Oklahoma, digging deep tunnels below the surface of your lawn. They cause significant damage to your outdoor property and, in some cases, become more than just a nuisance.


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