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a tiny flea crawling along a strand of pet hair in a tulsa oklahoma home

Natural Remedies Aren't Tough Enough On Fleas

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Many people are turning to holistic and natural solutions for everything, from cleaning products to medicine. While there's nothing wrong with reducing the number of chemicals that we put into our bodies or use in our homes, sometimes the natural route can cause more harm than good. Flea infestations are a prime example of natural remedies not being enough. 

a clover mite crawling along a brown dead leaf in a tulsa oklahoma garden

Are Clover Mites Dangerous To Tulsa Residents?

Posted in: Residential Pest Control,

Clover mites are often described as “tiny red bugs” and are only about the size of a pinhead. These "bugs" are actually a type of arachnid and have a stronger resemblance to spiders than to insects. Clover mites are oval-shaped and have eight legs; however, it can be easy to mistake their long front pair of legs for antennae. The most notable thing about their appearance is their bright red color.


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