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mouse found in home

Spring is Here, Why Aren't These Mice Leaving?

Posted in: Rodents,

When the weather gets cold mice will often seek shelter in homes. They like to find a cozy warm spot to make their nest, ideally one that is close to a food source. As they get comfortable in your home for the winter they can cause lots of damage and leave their droppings everywhere. You might hold your breath waiting for warm weather to come so these mice will vacate your property, but don’t hold it too long! Mice do not just pack up and move to summer dwellings when the weather improves. Your home offers them everything they need, so why would they leave? If you find mice, don’t just wait for them to go away on their own. You need to take proactive steps to eliminate these destructive creatures, including calling for professional services.

mosquito bite

Mosquitoes: True Threat or Simple Nuisance

Posted in: Mosquitoes,

For a very long time, we looked at mosquitoes as little more than a nuisance. We heard about scary mosquito-borne illnesses in foreign places – maybe something about malaria or dengue fever in Africa or yellow fever or Zika virus in South America, but that’s not something we worried about here in Tulsa. Flash forward to the here and now and we have learned much more about mosquito-borne illness and those that affect us here in our region. What was once a simple nuisance has transformed into a true heath threat. However, there are many things homeowners can do to protect themselves from mosquitoes. 


Protect Your Commercial Facility From Springtime Cockroaches

Posted in: Cockroaches,

One of the main characteristics of the Commercial Facilities Sector is general public access. For the most part, customers come and go as they please--each one a potential for profit, and each one a potential threat to your brand. Gone are the days when a dissatisfied customer had only five people in their field of influence. Now, with instant access to social media, bad reviews can travel far and wide. So, as cockroaches quickly grow their populations in spring, there are a few things every business owner should do to protect themselves.


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