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October 5, 2018

#tick control in ok#ticks

person removing a tick from a dog

Protecting Tulsa-Area Residents and Pets from Ticks This Fall

Posted in: Ticks,

Here in Tulsa, fall is a welcome change and a well-needed respite from the sometimes blistering heat of summer. People previously trapped within the comfort of air-conditioned homes can finally venture free, out into the cool autumn air. But what we often don’t see as we leave our homes are the unwanted guests that sneak back in.


September 28, 2018

#ant control and prevention#ants

ant on a cactus plant

How Are Odorous House Ants Getting Inside?

Posted in: Ants,

Have you been noticing a foul odor emanating throughout your house? Did you know that this foul smell could be coming from ants that have invaded your home?


September 19, 2018

#residential pest control#fall pests

mouse on concrete patio

Worst Pest Threats Facing Oklahoma Businesses This Fall

Posted in: Residential Pest Control,

Pests and businesses just don’t go together. It doesn’t matter what size or how severe the infestation is, pests can be catastrophic for businesses. Contaminating or losing products, losing customers, damaging buildings, and hurting employees’ health are all factors that can be a devastating blow to your commercial site. There are many pests that could pose a threat this fall. Let’s take a look at the top pests to watch out for.


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