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an american cockroach feasting on a wooden table top in a tulsa oklahoma kitchen

Common Entry Points For Cockroaches In Tulsa-Area Homes

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When summer gives way to fall, many pests look for a safe, warm place to wait out the winter months. While some pests don't require food through the winter, others prefer to find a space that provides not only shelter but also food and water. Cockroaches often get into Tulsa-area homes at this time of year. By learning the common entry points for cockroaches, you can help secure your home against these harmful insects.

american cockroach found in tulsa home

Why Are There Cockroaches In My Home?

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Being a leader in pest control, we naturally get asked a lot of pest control questions. And, since cockroaches create a lot of issues for our residential customers, it isn't surprising that we are often asked, "Why are these roaches coming in?" We'd like to be able to give a simple answer but, with cockroaches, nothing is ever simple. Here are 4 of the reasons why you have cockroaches in your home.


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