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Problems Spiders Cause In Businesses And Commercial Properties

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Mention spiders in Oklahoma and a whole list comes to mind: brown recluse, black widow, wolf, and common house spiders, to name a few. However, the stories and reputations they have generated over the years are often more fiction than fact.


Protect Your Commercial Facility From Springtime Cockroaches

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One of the main characteristics of the Commercial Facilities Sector is general public access. For the most part, customers come and go as they please--each one a potential for profit, and each one a potential threat to your brand. Gone are the days when a dissatisfied customer had only five people in their field of influence. Now, with instant access to social media, bad reviews can travel far and wide. So, as cockroaches quickly grow their populations in spring, there are a few things every business owner should do to protect themselves.

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Why Retail Stores Need Pest Control

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We see brick and mortar stores closing every day, from giant retailers to mom-and-pop establishments. To fight against the online shopping market, retailers must up their game and have to be competitive. There is nothing that can make you lose your competitive edge faster than a pest infestation. From ruining your inventory to garnering a negative reputation, unwanted pests can be detrimental to a retailer’s success. The most common pests to plague retail stores in the Tulsa area are mice, spiders, and termites. As you can imagine, each of these pests can cause their own set of problems. 


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