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gopher on tulsa lawn

Why Call Montgomery Exterminating For Gopher And Mole Problems

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Winter has finally passed and many people’s favorite season has arrived. Many homeowners anticipate spring and the chance to get back out into their gardens like a kid anticipates Christmas. But some homeowners will be in for an unpleasant surprise when they take a close look around their yard.

tulsa lawn damaged by moles

How To Tell If Your Tulsa Yard Has Moles

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Moles can destroy a good-looking lawn quicker than you might imagine. However, ugly tunnels across your lawn are not the only problem they can bring into your life.

mole digging hole

Lawn Enemy Number One

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In Tulsa, we spend a lot of time keeping our lawns looking beautiful. It requires routine mowing and the application of products that help our warm-season turfgrasses outcompete with the weeds that are ever encroaching. And lawn care is something we do when we're taking time off from our day job. So, we are not surprised that these critters cause people to lose their minds when unsightly tunnel lines appear on the surface of lush green lawns, or volcano-like mounds start popping up. If you're seeing signs of moles in your yard, here are a few quick things you need to know most.


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