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January 31, 2019

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When Do Ticks Become A Problem For Tulsa Residents?

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Oklahoma is one of the few states that remains pretty mild-weathered for most of the year, because of this it tends to harbor pest problems for a longer period of time than most other states. Most pests typically have a seasonality, or time of the year, where they invade homes more frequently, and here in Oklahoma, ticks are no different.


October 5, 2018

#tick control in ok#ticks

person removing a tick from a dog

Protecting Tulsa-Area Residents and Pets from Ticks This Fall

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Here in Tulsa, fall is a welcome change and a well-needed respite from the sometimes blistering heat of summer. People previously trapped within the comfort of air-conditioned homes can finally venture free, out into the cool autumn air. But what we often don’t see as we leave our homes are the unwanted guests that sneak back in.


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