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What do cicada killers look like?

Cicada killers are a large species of wasp. Adults grow to between 2 and 3 inches in length and they range in color from black to rusty-red with yellow and black banding on their abdomen. Their heads are reddish-brown in color and they have yellowish tinted wings, which are heavily veined. The eyes of the cicada killer are red or black and are set widespread on either side of the head.

cicada killer

Are cicada killers dangerous?

The name cicada killer leads many to believe that cicada killers are a much more dangerous pest than they actually are. Like any species of stinging insect, if stung by a cicada killer, it will be painful (and some people can experience a severe allergic reaction). So it is best to avoid these, and any other species of stinging insects, as much as possible. However, the good news, when it comes to cicada killers, is that they are not aggressive and have no interest in stinging humans. Cicada killers received their name because they sting and paralyze cicada bugs and other insect species to use as a food source for their newly hatched larvae.

Why do I have a cicada killer problem?

Cicada killers in our homes have become a problem on your property because they have viewed it as a place they can create their nest. Cicada killers are a solitary species, which do not live in nests. Females create underground burrows by digging around 12 inches into the ground and creating individual cells in which to lay her eggs. Cicada killers prefer to make their nests in lawns and sandy areas, and can be found around play structures, along the edges of sidewalks, and around concrete slabs or foundations.

How do I get rid of cicada killers?

For effective cicada killer control, contact Montgomery Exterminating. At Montgomery Exterminating we never recommend trying to take care of a cicada killer infestation without the help of a trained professional. Our pest control technicians in Tulsa have the knowledge and experience to identify what species of cicada killer is infesting your space, and will implement a treatment plan that results in cicada killer elimination. Reach out to us today to learn more about our residential and commercial cicada killer exterminators or to view our recommended service below.


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