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Gophers And Moles Can Ruin Your Lawn And Landscape

Gophers and moles are capable of inflicting significant damage to outdoor landscape here in Oklahoma.  The tunnels moles build will inevitably cause small cave-ins, dead grass, and flower/shrub damage.  Gophers also cause significant damage to lawns, feeding on grass, roots, and bulbs.  The result may be weak areas in the lawn and dirt piles scattered around.

Since you’re not about to remove all of the earthworms that are living in your gardens and lawns, moles will have an endless food supply.  Rather than trying to remove their food sources, it’s easier to remove the moles themselves even though there may be many causing your headache.  Gophers are less social.  There may only be a couple rather than several, but they’re still able cause serious damage around yards, golf courses, and other large open areas.


How Our Team Gets Rid Of Gopher & Mole Activity

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A thorough inspection of your property will help us identify if you’re dealing with gophers or moles.  We’ll also determine the amount of damage they’ve already caused and develop a plan of action.

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We’ll remove gophers and/or moles using methods proven effective against these lawn pests including baiting.  The types of techniques used will vary based on the pest and the severity of the infestation.

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Follow Up Services

After the initial problem has been dealt with and if you choose monthly service, we’ll return every month to make sure these pests don’t cause further damage to your property!

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Remove Gophers And Moles – Call ME

When you reach out to our local pest control company, our team of gopher and mole control professionals will stop at nothing to eliminate the culprits that are plaguing your property.  Our gopher and mole control services are available as a one-time service or ongoing service every month.   Stop spending your time, energy, and money repairing your lawns and gardens because of a preventable problem.  Contact Montgomery Exterminating for professional gopher and mole control in Tulsa and throughout our service area.


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