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What do gophers look like?

Gophers or pocket gophers as they are often referred to are medium-sized rodents. The topside of their bodies are light brown to dark brown in color and their undersides are a lighter buff color. Gophers have broad flat heads, compact bodies, small ears and eyes, and short snouts. Their tails are almost completely void of hair but are usually brownish in color with a white tip. Gophers have fur-lined external cheek pouches that they use to carry food in; the pouch extends all the way back to their shoulders. To help them dig, gophers have short powerful front legs and strong nails on the end of each of their 5 toes; their toes are fringed in hairs which also aids in the digging process.

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Do gophers cause damage?

Gophers do have the ability to cause damage to property. Much like moles, gophers live underground, creating a matrix of tunnels from just below the surface of the ground, to hundreds of feet below the ground. The entrances of tunnels are usually identified by horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt that they have pushed out of the tunnels. These mounds of dirt can cause damage to lawn mowers and farm equipment, and be trip hazards when found on athletic fields.

Gophers feed on the roots of grasses and plants, their feeding habits can cause damages to lawns, fields, crops, ornamental plants, and trees. They are also known to chew through underground wires, pipes, and cables. Gophers do not hibernate, during the cold winter months they just tunnel deeper below the frost line; this means that they are continuously tunneling, feeding, and damaging properties.

Are gophers dangerous?

As mentioned above, gophers are a threat to lawns, trees, plants, and crops. Though they're not considered a serious threat to health, it should be noted that gophers can be carriers of rabies.  They may also introduce fleas, ticks, and other pests onto your property. 

Why are gophers infesting my property?

While gophers are a year-round problem in Oklahoma, they are most active during the spring and fall seasons. If your property has moist soil and healthy grass, you could find yourself dealing with gophers. They’re also attracted to lawns with dandelions, alfalfa, and plant roots they can eat.

How do I get rid of gophers?

For help getting rid of gopher activity on your property, contact Montgomery Exterminating. Our locally owned Tulsa pest control company specializes in gopher control and can help you get rid of these pests. 

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