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What do Indian meal moths look like? 

Indian meal moths have unique wings that are used to identify this species of pantry pest. The front portion of the wings is a yellowish-gray color, and the back half is bronze, copper, or dark gray. There is a dark band that separates the front wings from the back. Adult Indian meal moths grow to about 5/8 of an inch in length from wingtip to wingtip. Their worm-like larvae grow to be nearly a half an inch long and are off-white, brown, greenish, or pinkish. Their head and thorax is a yellowish-brown color. 

indian meal moth


Are Indian meal moths dangerous?

Indian meal moths are a type of pantry pest not considered dangerous, and they do not bite, nor are they known to transmit diseases. But, they are very invasive and will contaminate food stored in pantry areas. Female Indian meal moths lay their eggs directly on or inside of packaged food (spices, dry pasta, chocolate, grains, dried fruits). Once the larvae hatch, they begin to feed on this food, contaminating it. Indian meal moths should be eliminated from your home as quickly as possible to prevent food contamination.

Why do I have an Indian meal moth problem?

Adult Indian meal moths often find their way into homes accidentally after being attracted to outdoor lights. They will find their way inside through torn screens or spaces around windows and doors. They can also be introduced accidentally into your home through products purchased at the store already infested with their eggs or larvae.

How do I get rid of Indian meal moths?

Let us help keep Indian meal moths out of your home. Our Tulsa, OK pest control technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to find all of the Indian meal moths living inside your home. We will implement a treatment plan that results in their complete elimination, as well as future prevention.


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