Mitigating The Spread Of Covid-19

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We wanted to take this time to update all of our customers about what steps we are taking here at Montgomery to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

  • All employees are being instructed to remain at home if they or their family members are sick.
  • We have trained on and are providing materials for proper hand hygiene within our team.
  • We have changed our protocol on Technician meetings, these will not take place for the near future in order to limit the number of people gathering.
  • We are scheduling regular sanitizer treatments for our office.

We'd also like to inform all of our customers that we will continue to perform exterior services as we continue to monitor the situation.  This service is a very common practice that many of our customers already enjoy. 

Since most of the insects that you see inside your home are coming from the outside, we will spend extra time and use additional products for treating the entry points and areas around the perimeter of the home to stop those pests where they are, before they get into your living area. Keeping ahead of the spring pest populations will make a big difference this coming summer.

We are committed to providing you effective pest management solutions while working to keep our employees and our customers safe during this time of uncertainty.  

Thank you for your continued support and understanding,
Your friends at Montgomery Exterminating, Inc.